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Martyn Phillips CEO

The extract below was part of a briefing sent out by the WRU this week.

We have also been busy working on potential emergency funding options for clubs. As we said at the outset, whilst it can never be guaranteed, our objective is to do all we can to ensure all clubs emerge from the other side of this crisis.

On that note we are grateful to those clubs who have submitted their surveys to help us to understand and scale the issue, although there are still 50 or so clubs that we need to hear from please?

We would also like to credit the clubs who have managed to submit applications for the various government and local authority funding schemes and who have or will see the financial benefit of these schemes. Clearly this area continues to evolve and we are committed to continue to work with our clubs to make the most of the opportunities available.

We have a WRU Board meeting on 10 June where we will review the findings from the survey and assess what, if any, additional opportunities we have to provide further funding. In the interests of transparency that Board review is likely to take the following form: • An assessment of the latest WRU financial position in order to determine what, if any, emergency funds can be made available • Review of the club survey data that has been returned to help to identify what clubs are most in need of assistance and how might funds be apportioned • Priority will be given to clubs who have taken all reasonable self-help measures • We will also be looking wherever possible to allocate funds to clubs that have plans in place to safeguard a sustainable future Clearly the future remains uncertain with little visibility as to when life will return to a new normal. With that in mind, we will be doing all we can to make funds available and to do our utmost to tailor funding to the areas where it can be of most impact. In addition we will continue to monitor government support packages and continue to provide ongoing advice and support. In the meantime please stay safe.

Martyn Phillips WRU CEO

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