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Farewell Nipper

It is with sadness that we report the death of Royston Harris.

Better and popularly known as ‘Nipper’ he was one of the club’s former players and a great character.

Chairman Hugh James commented: ‘We have indeed lost a terrific personality.

‘I grew up with Nipper on Heol Cynllan and we were still neighbours.

‘On behalf of the club I wish to pass on our deepest sympathies to Royston’s family – we are thinking of them at this sad time.’

‘Just a few weeks ago a posse of guys from the club went and helped clear up his garden, a nice gesture which reflects how highly he was regarded.’

Club Match Day Announcer and Life Member Hugh Smith said: ‘I remember Nipper in his playing days back in the 70s. Unorthodox was not the word. He had long, straggly hair, ill fitting shorts and socks down to his ankles. But he could play alright, his unique style at scrum half catching many an opposition unawares.

‘Even after he ended his playing days it was not unusual for the Seconds to call on him to make up the number. Nipper enjoyed a couple of pints in the High Corner on a Saturday lunch time and I clearly recall one occasion when, having been sent for, he showed commendable devotion to duty by making his way to the club house. What he didn’t know was that the committee had introduced match fees, so his reward for helping out as he entered the door was to cough up five bob (25p) Let’s just say he was not best pleased – but still played!

‘He remains in my mind as not just a fine player, but also a great bloke who would help anyone – and his infectious chuckle and enjoyable conversation will be pleasant abiding memories.

‘R.I.P. Roy.’

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