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Welcome Aboard Richard

The Club has been lucky to find a replacement for Club Secretary Alan Jenkins so quickly. Richard Case may not be known to some of you, so here's a little bit about him in his own words:

"For those of you that don’t know me personally, I have been a member of club since shortly after I moved to the village from Manchester with my family 9 years ago, and have been a Vice President for about the last 5 years. Although moving here from England, I grew up near Merthyr and have always valued the role that a rugby club plays in village and community life. In fact, Llanharan Rugby Club was one of the main reasons for choosing to move to the village when I brought my family back to South Wales. As well as using the club to integrate into the village and meet new people, I saw it as a way that I could play a part in the prosperity of the community. Sport has an amazing way of bringing people together and with the continuing expansion of Llanharan and surrounding villages and I thought the club and the teams would provide a positive focal point for the area. My 2 boys Dylan and Cian have played rugby for the club. Dylan now plays for the Under 15s/Youth (depending on where we are with those age groups), but Cian as some of you are aware developed brain and spinal cancer after only a brief career at the Dairy Tots, and sadly passed away in 2018 aged 6 after a 2 year fight. This tragedy highlighted all the beliefs I had in community spirit that comes from a rugby club. Llanharan RFC were there to support us when Cian was receiving treatment; they were there to console us when he passed away; and they are still there by using the Cian Case Memorial Tournament to keep his memory within the club and community. I have considered the idea for a while to become part of the committee and play a bigger part in the running of the club, and hopefully pay back a small part of what the club has meant to my family. I never expected to jump straight in as Secretary, but it is a role I have undertaken at other organisations; so hopefully I won’t totally screw up everything Alan has achieved during his new tenure. I am joining the committee during one of the most difficult times in modern history for the nation and sports clubs in particular. The current crisis while presenting significant challenges to the club, might present further opportunities for us to engage with our membership and wider community. We have already seen players and members take part in community projects and fundraising, and I have no doubt that people will look to us to provide some hope, and fingers crossed some entertainment in the near future. I look forward to catching up with you all soon, preferably over a pint.

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