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Canton Match Report

Here's the "Karaoke Kings" latest match report:

Canton match report 6/05/23

The most common sentence uttered amongst some woeful karaoke, on Saturday night, in Llanharan rugby club was “one more game”. With both teams already promoted, Friday night’s game against Penturch, is destined to be a tense, nail biting affair, with the title of league champions the goal for the Dairymen.

With the final score being 66 – 26, there is no way I can, or want to, go through each and every scorer. However, Jack Thomson does deserve special mention for his first half hatrick. Jack has played a bigger and bigger role in the club, culminating with him designing the playing shirts next year. They will have cap sleeves, tight fit and a crop top (how I wish I was still a player.)

Jack’s diminutive back row colleagues of Lloyd “son of Brandon” Gregory and Ieuan “sausage legs” Pring, were in dominant form and were responsible for Andy Price wearing his Ruby slippers. However, Tom Jenkins once again led the way down the yellow brick road, when he replaced Lloyd Gregory.

I would go so far as to suggest that the first half of this game was some of the best rugby seen at the Dairyfield for quite some time. The pace and accuracy displayed by the Llanharan team frightened the Canton side, and left them chasing shadows.

It was great to see Kieran Martin and Chris Williams once again both in Llanharan colours . Their speed of thought and deed, definitely added to an already skillful squad.

It was also good to see Will Thomas back in action, forming part of our very own Bomb Squad, who, when they were brought on with 30 minutes gone, their combined weight came to over 45 stone. Or for those who work using the metric system, that’s a lot of Macdonald’s Royals.

Will has been absent from the line up for a few weeks, because of a bad neck, and after seeing him in his G-string in the changing room after the game, I would suggest it stems from how much food he pushes down it. You know I still love you.

On a sad note, we will be without Harley Thomson for the last game of the season. He has had a very positive influence on the squad, and will always be a favourite of the person writing this match report. Whoever that is.

Finally special mention must go to Jack Walker, who is continually putting in 80 minutes of quality, week after week. And Ross Pritchard, who helped start the turnaround of Llanharan by being the first player to take the leap of faith, when asked him to come back. Yesterday he capped a fine performance by scoring an 80 metre try, while at the same time doing an impersonation of Yosemite Sam.


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