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Disability Rugby

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

WRU Disability Engagement Objectives:

  • To determine the contribution that the WRU can make toward the inclusive forms of the game for disabled people, including deaf rugby, Unified (mixed ability) rugby and wheelchair rugby;

  • To ensure that the community game is inclusive for disabled people, including playing, officiating, refereeing, coaching, volunteering and supporting;

  • To identify the steps that will need to be taken to ensure that the WRU workforce and wider ‘family’ are supported and upskilled to adopt a more inclusive approach to rugby;

  • To ensure that the WRU’s governance is reflective and responsive to the needs of disabled people;

  • To identify how the WRU can contribute to other disability sport pathways, including but not exclusively Paralympic, Deaflympic and Intellectual Disability.


Darren Carew WRU Disability Rugby Coordinator 07787 836 116 dcarew@wru.wales Twitter @disrugbydc

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