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Match Report Fairwater Game

This being our first game since October 8th, GN has filled his inkwell and dusted off his quill, to give us one of his legendary match reports:

Match Report 7th January 2023 V Fairwater

The first match for Llanharan, in the league since October 8th, showed that the Dairymen are able to cope with anything the elements can throw at them. On an appalling day, which saw the four horsemen of the apocalypse gathering on Fairwater’s practice ground, the game was settled by a try in each half, both converted by dreamboat, Scott Jones.

Scott has just come back from a “Man to Man meets Man Parish” reunion (look it up on Youtube) and once again led the team expertly, never ducking his responsibility and organizing the team confidently.

Outside him there was a Man of the Match performance by Scooby Do’s best friend, Lee Arthur, who’s constant communication gave the team around him confidence, and his work rate was of the highest order.

Lewis Cogbill was thrown in the deep end and proved what a talented young man he is. He looks like an extra from the Shire, but he is a confident tough minded young man. He slipped into full back on an appalling day, like a hairy, oversized foot slipping into Frodo’s hobbit shoes.

The match winner for the Dairymen was, undoubtedly Ieuan Pring, who bundled his way over for the first try. The second try was a combination of strength, class and outright determination, as he received the ball 40 metres out and scattered defenders to slide over under the posts.

The overall team performance was one of discipline control and an ability to implement and stick to a game plan. Several players had their best game for Llanharan .Richard Byars, taking a break from filming “The Good Life”, ran hard and tackled with ferocity. It is a shame that at 47years of age, he only has a few years left.

Also, worth a mention is Kieran Martin, who played with a smile on his face. Unfortunately, it looks like the vacant smile of the village idiot. Despite his dopy exterior he operates in the lineout like a MENSA member.

The twin towers of Kieran and Morgan Parsons ruled the airways yesterday, which was instrumental in the Victory.

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