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St. Albans Game Postponed

I can't believe i am typing this but our latest Division 3 East Central match, like the previous 4 has been postponed. St. Albans have pulled out of Saturday's away game with high numbers of players suffering from sickness and fever. This follows on from CRCC twice, Old Illtydians and Canton, all postponing games with us for various reasons. Our last League game was on Saturday October the 8th. Our Fixture Sec. Phil Hearne must be tearing his hair out, trying to deal with the fall out from all these postponements.

However we do hopefully have 2 home games on Saturday 10th December, when our 2nds play Caerphilly 2nds on the Dairyfield, 2.30 Kick off. Also playing at home will be our Youth Team, who play Llandaff North on the Welfare Ground, in the Cardiff South Shield Competition. Kick off 2.28.

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