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Llanharan RFC vs Cardiff RFC

Received this message from a gentleman in Lancashire named Stephen H Dobbin:

"Could you put some pictures up when Llanharan played Cardiff in the Cup please."

I asked him why he was specifically interested in the Cardiff games and which one in particular?

This was his reply:

"It was in the 70’s I was there when we lost on penalties ☹️ fantastic game, it was the game that made me turn away from football. I joined the Welsh Guards not long after that and played for them at scrum half 😊. Thank you I shall have a flick back through your FB page. Oh and by the way you’re doing a fantastic job keeping the likes of me informed all the way up here in Lancashire. Thank you."

Not sure about the penalties bit or the 70's but it's nice to know people still follow Llanharan RFC, wherever they live.

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