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Motley Crew

Back in the 70's once the rugby season was over it wasn't the end of competitive sport for some of the boys. We had a Golf Tournament, Tennis Tournament plus our own Cricket team. The main source of exercise however was the Football team. Some of the boys like Brian Richards, Flapper Morris, Eddie Coles and Mike Odlam had been footballers before taking up rugby. Others like the late John Morgan along with Andy Witts gave the team a steely backbone. It's amazing how many rugby players are also good footballers. Brian Mitchell and Steve Donovan would come in to this category. The late Gerald Nation was the man who organised the matches and was the only one who had a match ball. We even played some long distance away matches travelling to Peterborough and Cheltenham in the back of a transit van. These games kept you fit during the Summer months ready for the return of the Rugby season. (We also had a few beers after games)

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