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ACL Injuries-Prevention

For anyone who is actively involved in coaching children…. Orthopaedic surgeons Will Jackson and Nev Davies (Oxford and Reading) have started a program to educate coaches on how to prevent ACL injuries in children by upto 50% in boys and 70% in girls. They’ve partnered with Stuart Roy and Wahid Abdul from Cardiff to run a short session that centres around a 15mins warm up that is SUPER SIMPLE to implement. They’re running a short, free session at the start of september to help spread the word. You can find out more info here -

If you’d like to join the session there is a flyer below with a QR code to register… or shoot me a message and I can help.

I’ve seen far too many children needing ACL surgery around the UK… hoping we can collectively reduce this in south wales!

Feel free to share far and wide.

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