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Caerphilly Match Report

Caerphilly match report 30/09/2023

Four wins, four bonus points, top of the league. Everyone must be as happy as fat kid in a sweet shop. But “NO” the current crop of Dairymen were unhappy with their own performance, despite scoring 6 tries and conceding only 2.

First off, I would like to thank the soft spoken and articulate, (not to mention, well dressed) Caerphilly supporters for their warm welcome. Any team that has Bart Simpson as the badge on their shirt deserves admiration for their bravery.

A huge thank you must go to the ageing couple who complained to me about the bad language being used by our replacements. The matriarch (elderly woman who is head of the family) reliably informed me that we were the rudest team to visit Virginia Park, and that swareing and bard lang wage was uh sign of lac of inteligentness. When I tried to reason with her she politely told me she had no time to talk, as she had to return home to her trailor, to brush her tooth.

Meanwhile, on the field, the game began in a very competitive manner with the Cheesemen’s suffocating defence, causing problems for Llan, and their pressure paid dividends, as they took the lead through the conversion of a penalty.

However, the away team woke from slumber and poured pressure on the Caerphilly try line. Eventually something had to give, and in the absence of the two spray tan, glove models, Scott Jones and Adam Lewis, up stepped “The angry one”, Harley Thomson, who, showing the speed of a man playing in leg calipers, scampering over for the first try and converted it to give the dairymen a lead they would not relinquish. In fact, the man with the only scowl to rival Mr T finished with a personal tally of 2 tries and 3 conversions.

Another player who has shown he knows the way to the try line (usually in a straight line) is Joe Davies. Weighing in at 107kg, or for those who still work in Imperial, BIG, Joe is a difficult behemoth to tackle when running straight at you.

He proved his ability to score tries, even when the would be cheesy tacklers tried the speed bump technique

Another prolific scorer, Leon Burton powered over from a scrum, and the scorer I have left until last is Rhys Taylor, the strawberry blond prop, powered his way over the Caerphilly line with all the grace of a warthog chasing a beetle in a muddy watering hole

All in all, not a bad day at the office 6 tries to 2. The only down side of the day was the injury to Aled Evans. Let’s hope it’s not as bad as first diagnosed. Get well soon

Score at F T

Caerphilly 15 – 36 Llanharan

Coach Nicholas

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