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Changes to Welsh Leagues

This is an article from WoL explaining the changes to the Welsh League system for 2022/23 season. Llanharan will now be in 3 East Central. However there are no changes to the teams we play in our league.

Changes to Welsh leagues announced

Wales' national rugby union leagues will see teams promoted and relegated for the first time since 2019 as the community game finally returns to normal. The 2022-23 season with see 286 clubs competing in 25 divisions in the Admiral National League programme.

Teams will play on a home and away basis once again after three seasons that were ravaged by the COVID pandemic, and clubs across Wales will be able to play for titles and promotion.

There were 24 Divisions in last season’s Admiral-backed programme from Championship downwards involving 275 clubs. For 2022-23, the numbers will rise to 25 Divisions, with Division 3 North being split into two to accommodate more teams who will now compete in 3 North East and 3 North West.

There is also a rebrand of the titles in East, East Central and West Central Divisions with numbers replacing letters. In the East, there will be six divisions encompassing 66 clubs and there will be five each in East Central (56 clubs) and West Central (60 clubs)

The four divisions in the North will feature 42 teams, which will include 2nd XV sides from 11 clubs. In the West, there will be four divisions involving 48 clubs, with Divisions 3A and 3B remaining as they are.

The Indigo Group Premiership will also return to home and away matches for the 12 teams involved in that division.

Geraint John, WRU director of community rugby, said: "It has been a deeply frustrating period for our community clubs. Last season was dedicated to getting the game back up and running in Wales after COVID and the effort and enthusiasm put in by every team was fantastic. With full fixture lists returning next season, and promotion once again in the equation, there will be everything to play for. I have no doubt that standards will continue to rise and it is great to be welcoming new teams into the National League system."

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