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Ex Coach Chris Woolgrove

Just to finish off the Ray and Bleeper story, our old Coach Chris Woolgrove picked up on the story in Sangerhausen, where he now lives. Chris was a long jumper in Cardiff College of Education, when he moved to Brynna in the early 70's with his wife Lorna. He hadn't played much rugby if any and coaching was in it's infancy in those days but he decided he wanted to have a go. He certainly got us fit pretty quickly and learnt the rugby side of coaching as he went along. He had 4 successful years as Coach to the Senior players at the Club and judging by his words below he enjoyed every minute of it. He did however make one mistake! One year he decided to play in the Trial games, we always had pre season trial game in those days. Unfortunately he collided with Mike Russell Snr. and i think he broke his shoulder if my memory is correct. Chris did a great job for us in those 4 years and he earned the respect of all who played under him. This is what he had to say about Ray and Bleeper:

"I had the pleasure of coaching both of them from 1973 - 1977. Two more honest players and mates you could never find. Ray never felt pain, I remember him playing once with his ear so torn that about two inches of it were just flapping around! It wasn’t until after the game that he first noticed it. He gave everything for the club.

Bleeper was a great guy. Our first game of the season was always against Cardiff 2nds ( the Rags). In one game we were doing well, Bleeper was everywhere in yet hardly appeared to be puffing. I shouted a compliment to him from the touchline that momentarily stopped him enough to turn around, look at me, thump his chest and roar out, “Like a young Bull!”

I also remember the fight in Bristol, he was good there too."

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