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Gareth Nicholas - Inspiration!

What can you say about our amazing Head Coach Gareth Nicholas! I often wondered how he managed to Coach the Team and live with Parkinson's, this brilliant interview with Ollie Olds gives you an insight into how he does it. I found the part where he talks about his Uncle Brian Nicholas telling him not to feel sorry for himself, interesting. In the early 80's Brian was coaching Bryncethin Youth and had players like Hugh Williams-Jones and Richie Griffiths in their Team, so they were a very good side, as were we with likes of Richie Donovan and Denver Thomson. I got to know Brian quite well and i see a lot of Brian in Gareth, they both have the knack of making players trust them, although Gareth seems to be a much better drinker than his Uncle.

If you listen to this Podcast you will know why i have used the word "Inspiration" at the top of this piece, because i think he is an inspiration to us all, not just the players he coaches. Keep it going Gareth and i might put in a good word with your Uncle Brian for you.

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