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League Chaos 2021/22

Long article in Wales Online today criticizing the fact that a lot of games in the 24 Leagues were not played this season. This is one small part of the article:

"Now that the season is over, it can be seen that not a single one of the 24 leagues that sit below the Welsh Premiership played out to their full conclusion. According to figures cross-referenced between the WRU's website and All Wales Sport, 191 games in total went unplayed, meaning 87% of matches across the board were completed.

For context, during the 2018/19 season - the last unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic when teams played twice as many league fixtures - the WRU's website shows that just seven matches were not completed."

As far as our league goes this is what they had to say:


18 games unplayed

League completion: 73%

Winner: St Albans

St Albans were clear at the top of the league by 18 points but it was far from nearing completion. Strictly speaking, Llanharan may have caught them had all fixtures been played but they only managed five league games. Fairwater, who only played four league games, were not mathematically out of it either but they trailed by 33 points, so it would have been a very long shot."

Despite the above stats, we have to congratulate St. Albans on their title win and look forward to a full house of fixtures next season.

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