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Llanharan Communiy Drop In Centre

We will be cooking dinners again this Friday FREE for senior citizens in the community. If you know someone that would enjoy some company and would like to join us on a Friday afternoon for a cooked dinner please BOOK a space. Spaces are limited, however we will do our best to ensure everyone gets a meal between now and Christmas. Phone us on 01443 229723 to book, or book online: Please note, that if you complete a booking form online, a member of staff will contact you to confirm your booking. Bookings will close on the Wednesday of each week to allow our Community Cook time to prepare. Walk-ins will still be available for £4.50 each. #LCDPcommunity #LCDPcommunitycafe #LCDPChristmas #LCDPSeniorClub #levellingup #RCTlevellingup #lovewhereyoulive #LCDP #llanharanoaps #llanharandropin

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