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Llanharan Miners Welfare Field And Hall

Last night saw the official switch on of the new floodlights at the ground.

A set of 6 columns covering the rugby and football pitches, providing full coverage of both.

The project that started nearly 4 years ago finally saw the light.

The evening brought together, Llanharan RFC , Gareth Llanharan Fc Blandy Jenkins Archers and Llanharan Community Council With Mid Glamorgan Mixed Choir providing some light entertainment for all to enjoy.

It was a special occasion seeing the rugby mini & junior team with seniors of Llanharan RFC and Llanharan FC 1st team all who are performing well this season. Blandy Jenkins Archers have Welsh team Archers and some fine shooters.

We have a lot to be proud of in our community.

Scott Jones Llanharan 1st team Captain was tasked with the handshaking task of cutting the ribbon supported by Ashley Hancock Llanharan FC Captain and Chris McGuruk of BJA along with representatives of Llanharan Community Council Cllr Evans, Parker, Steer, Tuner and Jenkins

Scott carried out the job like a true sportsman and cut the ribbon with his first attempt at that point the lights shone over both pitches, showing lush green grass.

Once the formalities were over everyone entered the hall for light refreshments and entertainment by our very own choir. The first song Callon Lan was roaring through the hall as we all headed in from the cold.

The floodlights have been funded from CIL funds (community infrastructure levy) which has been paid via the development we are seeing and the welcoming of new residents in our wonderful community.

The CIL funds are to be spent on infrastructure/assets for the community directly impacted by the development in way of an inconvenience payment, our community council manage the funds and awarded the majority of the project where the final costs were in excess of £120,000

Although the ground has had floodlights, they were commended over 10 years ago and due to safety concerns had to be removed 2 years ago.

The project benefits all users and have already been used by the rugby, football, archery as well as the large scale trail event recently held.

We owe considerable thanks to Llanharan Community Council for believing in the project and pulling out all the stops to ensure our community didn't wait any longer and the autumn season could continue seamlessly at the ground.

To our contractors EcoClub for ensuring the lights gave maximum coverage, as well as ensuring wildlife and the local residents were not impacted, delivering us an incredible set up. Also Vale and Valley Group Construction ground workers, who went over and above for us during their time at the ground, the team stayed after hours and a Sunday to support our work and assist with some ground works.

To Gemma and Mark of Llanharan RFC who have been a staple of support throughout the project.

Finally, to The yard cafe Ynysmaerdy for the supply of the most incredible cakes and cheesecakes.

Thank you all, this is truly a community working together for the greater good.

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