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Llanharan v Pontypool 1978?

We first played Pontypool in the Cup in 1973 when they were Welsh Champions and probably one of the best sides in the UK. Legendary players like the Pontypool front row, Terry Cobner and Jeff Squires were playing for Pontypool around this time. We lost 9-3 but it was a great effort by all the boys. Move on to 1978 and nothing much had changed really. Pontypool were still at the top end of the game and still a hard side to play against. Once again it was a valiant effort by the boys, going down 21-0. The photos taken by Richie Jenkins show top class internationals and British Lions like Terry Cobner, Graham Price, Bobby Windsor and Jeff Squires in the Pontypool team that day. The reason for the question mark by the year is that we couldn't remember the exact year or score, so we asked Phil(The Oracle) Thrasher to throw some light on the subject. He came up with November 1978 and the score was 21-0 to Pontypool. Is the Oracle right?

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