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Mark "Sam" Seymour

It's not very often we get ex players putting money in to the Club through Sponsorship, in fact the last one i can remember was Lee Davies, who runs and owns 96 Degrees Coffee in Cowbridge. Mark Seymour was a Bridgend boy who came to play for Llanharan Youth in the mid 70's along with his great mates Derek Brown and Richard "Denzil" Evans and a few others (JD, Mike Jones, Steve Brown). They went on to play Senior rugby for Llanharan, Maesteg and Bridgend. Mark eventually moved to the Midlands, where along with his colleague, he has set up a very successful Recruitment Company- Seymour John Ltd. I asked Mark why he wanted to sponsor the Club after all these years:

"Kippy asked me why, as an ex player, I wanted to sponsor the club.

The reason is, I simply wanted to put something back into Llanharan RFC, which as we all know, is a special rugby club.

I have very fond memories of playing in the Youth and Senior teams, always a brilliant team spirit. I made great friends, who will always be friends throughout my life.

We had really good players and teams, winning most of our games, 15 & 7 a side trophies, taking on ‘1st Class clubs ’ in the Welsh Cup, celebrating together in the club afterwards, or on the rare occasion we lost, we would still have a good night!

I moved away due to career opportunities in work and now live near Worcester, but will never forget the fond memories of Llanharan.

Sponsoring the club is a connection to my roots, a way of saying thanks for everything the club did for me, which is down to the people I met at Llanharan RFC. You all know who you are, those who ran the club, the players I played alongside, the coaches (Kippy being my first coach at the club), and the supporters, many thanks…so glad, as a Bridgend boy, I played for the Black ‘n’ Blues!!"

We value all our Sponsors at Llanharan RFC for their generosity and commitment to the Club but to have an old player, and a very good one at that, come back after many years and help the Club out is a bit special.

In the first photo Mark is 5th from the left in the back row and in the 2nd photo he is 2nd from the left in the back row.


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