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Match Report

Llanharan 18 St. Albans 29

Due to isolating from Covid our regular Match Reporter Gareth Nicholas was unable to attend yesterday's game. Get back to the club soon Gareth. However we have a guest reporter today in the form of Mike Williams. For those of you who don't know Mike, he is a Solicitor from Bridgend who played Youth and Senior rugby for the club. He watches as many matches as he can in between his love for Motor Racing. Here's his account of yesterday's game:

In the first half Llanharan had the upper hand in the scrums but the line outs were very inconsistent, thrower and catcher out of sync. When it worked it was great. Great handling by the Llanharan forwards led to Gethin Cashmore racing free from the opposition 22 to score. Scott Jones converted and then added a penalty. Llanharan then scored an unconverted try by Ieuan Pring. Llanharan led 15-0 and seemed well in control.

Slightly different story in the second half. St Albans were a different side and Llanharan had problems retaining the ball. St Albans scored in the corner at the scoreboard end, which led to a fight which you don't see very often these days.

After that St Albans went up a gear and Llanharan couldn’t get their hands on the ball for about 10 minutes. St Albans kicked well and retained the ball better than Llanharan even though Llanharan’s scrum was still on top. With momentum very much in St Albans favour they scored two quick breakaway tries and their fans and players were going nuts with excitement!

Llanharan looked beaten but the score was only 15-17 and Llanharan, playing down the slope and with the wind, won a penalty 40 metres out. Scott Jones kicked it over superbly. Llanharan fans were now going mental! 18-17 Llanharan. Approx 3 mins left on the clock it’s was a game management situation. Llanharan were deep in St Albans half, scrum after scrum, but somehow St Albans managed to break away and score a try. Their fans were going nuts! Almost straight after the restart some weak tackling from Llanharan allowed St Albans to march up the field again and score again. And that was that. Very disappointing result but in fairness to St Albans they were terrific after they had their first try and after Scott had seemingly won the game for us. Llanharan pack is great and I like the way they are trying to play, offloading and running nice angles, but line out communication needs improving and the man to man tackling once the ball goes wide. Exciting finish, shame it went the wrong way results wise!

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