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Match Report NBF

Gareth has finally recovered from Saturday's celebrations to send me his report on the game. Enjoy the read:

Match report – the WRU Bowl Final V Bryncethin

It needs to be mentioned that while the majority of Llanaran was basking in sunshine and celebrating one of the greatest days in the history of the club. One of our longest and most loyal supporters was dealing with personal tragedy. Mr Adrian Harding has had to deal with the bereavement of 2 immediate family members. Our thoughts are with him and I know the club will be there as a form of social support, if needed.

Well, we did it, we won our national cup competition, against a spirited and tenacious Bryncethin side. In what was a local derby as well as a cup final, Llanharan did just enough to bring home the Bacon.

Llanharan made a nervous start to the game resulting in the normally ice cool and smoother than snail poop, Scott Jones, dropping a routine high ball. He later admitted to having a lot on his mind, with both the discovery of his first grey pubic hair, and the worry of his, soon to be wife, Rhian, auditioning for the lead in the remake of the hit TV series Twin Peaks.

The first score of the day came to the ultimate bachelor and part-time Elvis impersonator, Jack Pring, who appears to be the coolest man on the planet, but I know, his mother still cuts up his meat for him. After a solid scrum near the Cherry’s line, Ieuan Pring, Leon Burton and Jack performed a textbook 8, 9, 14 play for Jack to score wide out.

The next score came to Ieuan Pring, who refused to be tackled and after a barnstorming run, scored under the sticks to make for an easy conversion. Then, after a Bryncethin score, the Worzal Gummage look a like, scored the try of the game. After turning the ball over at a ruck, Rhys “Beaker” Dauncey, raced down the touchline like a Llanharri adolescent running from the police, and with one person to beat, gave a perfect inside pass for Worzal to round off his brace.

HT Bryncethin 7 – 19 Llanharan

The second half was a nail biting, high blood pressure, hat throwing, shouting at the ref affair, as Bryncethin would close the gap, only for Llanharan to pull away. Both sets of supporters were in fine voice and the crowd became more vociferous as the coaches emptied their benches.

Credit must go to a few unsung heroes:

Bill Carey – who left the field with a head injury, which was further compounded by his partner, Jade’s, completely tuneless singing

Gethin Cashmore – who’s performances are always 100%

Jack Dauncy – who produces performances that belie the fact he is only 18

The vegetable eating, tree hugging, homeless, Lee Arthur and his centre partner Ross “every father of a girl’s nightmare” Pritchard.Ieuan Evans – who is the ultimate squad player, never once whining about not starting, and when he does come on, produces performances of the highest quality

I could go on for ages, because each player has played his part in a special season.

For those of you who supported us and believed in us all season – thank you, it means a lot to the players and management.

To those who doubted us – Hahaha

Big thanks go to the committee, who have allowed us to do our job. Also Alan Evans, for his constant positive attitude

Meirion Reynolds, for always managing to say the right thing

Finally, Lee Jarvis, for always managing to say the wrong thing

My last comment is to say a big thank you to all those who welcomed the team back into the club when we got off the bus

IT WAS OVERWHELMING and will forever be my fondest rugby memory

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