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Medical Centre

Some of you may have noticed a building being erected next to the Stand over a number of months and wondered what it was. Below are some photos of the construction work taken by Hugh James and an explanation from former Club Sec. Alan Jenkins as to how our Medical Centre came about:

"The requirement that a rugby club should have a dedicated medical facility available on match days, just in case an injury situation requires off-field attention, became more prominent several years ago.

An obvious, makeshift solution, may have been to utilise the then President's Room on match days. However, the Committee were already working on plans to improve the club's entrance and toilets, that would eliminate that room.

This has since happened with superb results.

The Committe felt that to provide a professional, long term solution, the building of a permanent, dedicated facility, as close as possible to the field of play, would be the best solution.

Quite rightly, the club now proudly believes that the new Medical Centre provides this solution."

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