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Meiros Cup 1938

Alan Jenkins finished as our Club Secretary some months ago but that doesn't mean he's been idle in the mean time. Alan has a passion for local history, having been brought up in PD's (Bryncae). He's especially keen on anything involved with rugby in the village and although his research is still in the early stages, he has sent me this interesting article he found on a match played between PD's Colliery and the CWS Creamery in 1938, in the Meiros Cup Competition. At this time there were a few collieries in the area, as well as the CWS Creamery, which highlights the fact that Llanharan's economy was a mixture of coal and farming. This can also be seen on the club badge. Hopefully Alan will be able to send us some more articles in the future:

" An interesting game of rugby was winessed at the Llanharan Welfare Ground on Friday when the semi final of the Meiros Cup was played. The teams were C.W.S.(nb:-Co-operative Wholesale Society- the Llanharan Dairy) and the P.D. Colliery. The C.W.S. kicked off and were quick to follow up. Early in the game they were awarded a penalty and Eddie Cogbill kicked a fine goal. The P.D.'s soon caught up with a try by R. Farnham, the kick failing. G. Griffiths next scored a try for the P.D., the kick failing. Early in the second half, Pascoe kicked a penalty goal for the P.D. side. Then C. Bundy, for the C.W.S. made a fine run, but was brought down near the line. Griff Pearce picked up in the loose and scored a great try for the P.D.'s. Just before the final whistle went, Pascoe scored but failed to convert, the final score being:- P.D. Colliery team 15 points; C.W.S. 3 points. The P.D. team will meet the Werntarw team in the final"

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