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Meiros Cup 1938

Here's a bit more information from Alan Jenkins on some of the players who played in his recent article on the Meiros Cup game between PD's and CWS Creamery.

"To help those of you who might have no knowledge of who the people named in the article are, and to give some idea of the class on show; Eddie Cogbill, former 3 times captain of Llanharan RFC, was one of the six Cogbill brothers who played in the same Llanharan team; Ron Farnham went on to captain the club in 1939/40; C Bundy, Charlie Bundy, former Welsh Cruiserweight Boxing Champion - worthy of an article all of his own and Griff Pearce, famous for being the father of our own Chris (Kippy) Pearce. The Pascoe mentioned might well have been Glyn "Puss" Pascoe, nephew of Danny Pascoe, our first Wales International and a formidable player in his own right. The Meiros Cup was a competition taken seriously and attracted large crowds." (More on this to come)..

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