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Throw Back Thursday

This the Llanharan Cap you receive when you have played 400 games for the Club. This particular cap belongs to Robert (Sassa) Thomas and the photo was provided by his daughter Bethan. My question is can you name at least 10 other players who have passed the 400 game mark?

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Glyn Stephens and the baby of this infamous group Paul Winters. Sorry for the names I have forgotten. Representing your club 400+games is an achievement you should all be very proud of.


Stephen 'Jack' Dauncey, Mel Pring, Johnny Hardman,Merion Reynolds, Robert 'Willie' Wiliams, Cyril Jones, Robert 'Willis"Williams, Peter Newton, Ken Smith, Alan Blanch, Brian Mitchell,David Thomas.Alan Evans,Colin Coles, Dai Worgan,Trevor Worgan

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