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Bob Mace

It is sad to hear the news from Australia that Bob Mace has passed away. Although resident in Western Australia for many years, he was a native of Bryncae, one of ten children, and among his relatives are the Cogbills and Rossiters. He first moved to Leicester before emigrating to Osborne Park near Perth.

Despite his ‘exile’ he maintained a passionate love for his home village and the rugby club in particular. Some years back he paid the club a visit and had an enjoyable day, meeting with the older residents and members.

A great grandad, Bob kept in touch on a regular basis, for many years on the original web site where he will be remembered as ‘Roberto’. He established many friendly contacts via this medium. In more recent times he has used Facebook to good effect and enjoyed regular exchanges.

Our sympathy goes to his family both Down Under and in the UK. Bob was great character, a true Black and Blue, and he will be greatly missed.

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