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Cup Win for Llanharan

Considering the poor weather of late, the Dairyfield was in good condition, thanks to the hard work of the Committee and volunteers. Llanharan played down the slope in the first half and soon had points on the board. A break by Jack Priing ended with a lineout near the Cefneithin line which Llanharan stole, enablling the backs and forwards to interpass, which ended with a try for Lloyd Thomas. The game was all Llanharan at this point and it was no surprise when good work by the forwards ended with the impressive Lloyd Gregory putting Scott Jones in for a try, which he also converted. More excellent work by Lloyd Gregory after backs and forwards combined led to a try for Jack Pring, which was again converted by Scott Jones. The high standard of inter passing by the Llanharan team led to the next try, scored by Lloyd Gregory, after taking a very difficult pass behind him to score. Scott Jones once again converted. The first half was possibly some of the best rugby seen at the Dairyfield this season, with backs and forwards combining to play a fifteen man game of highly entertaining rugby.

Half Time score: Llanharan 26 Cefneithin 0

Much to their credit Cefneithin didn't throw the towel in and scored early in the second half with a well worked try under the posts, which was converted. Using the wind well Cefneithin continued to put pressure on the home team and with the pitch getting heavier, making back play harder,the game was being played in the Llanharan half. After issuing a general warning to the home side, the referee then gave Sam Pick a yellow card. From the resulting penalty, Cefneithin kicked for touch and then scored from the line out in the home sides 22. With 10 minutes to go Alex Newbold was put clear only to be ankle tapped close to the line. However Llanharan were not to be denied. Crisp passing by Llanharan enabled Roy Furnival to kick through for Alex Newbold to follow up and score.

Final Score Llanharan 31 Cefneithin 12

In an entertaining game to which both sides contributed, it was Llanharan's ability to keep the ball moving, with backs and forwards combining well, that was the difference between the sides. Some of the passing by the forwards was first class. Scott Jones controlled the game from outside half and Lloyd Gregory was always a threat. In the forwards Owain Howe led from the front, followed closely by the rest of the pack. Llanharan will now play Baglan or Crynant at home in the next round.

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