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I asked our Head Coach Gareth Nicholas for some thoughts on his first season as Llanharan RFC coach:

Hello everybody associated with Llanharan RFC.

Well my first season with the Dairymen ended in the most peculiar and unsatisfactory fashion. There was a genuine sense of optimism around the club, and the last game against Canton, was a performance full of pride, determination and skill. The mood among the players is very positive and they feel that the performance against Canton is not the finished product but a starting point for the new season.

Throughout the season many people have contributed to a determined effort to improve all aspects of Llanharan rugby. It was great to see the members of the committee in wellies and coats, forking the pitch to ensure to ensure games go ahead. The players are lucky to have such dedicated volunteers.

Other people who deserve my thanks are-

Andy Price,my co-coach. It is difficult to come across a coaching team where the staff have no hidden agendas and when it does happen, it's fantastic. I feel we are both pulling in the same direction. However, his Christmas rendition of Summertime was possibly the most inept piece of entertainment i have ever witnessed. I would like to formally apologize to all members and anybody else in the lounge that night.

Clint-Team Manager. This is a man who has perfected the art of looking busy, while actually doing absolutely nothing. I think it falls to me to inform him that the fashion statement of sporting a beard with a shaved head, simply makes him look as if his head is on upside down! However he is a master of keeping peoples general mood on a positive slant and has ensured that any new players or personnel are welcomed to the club. He is true club man and has made my transition in to Llanharan a smooth one. Thank you Clint.

Scott-Captain, has led by example and his worth to the club was portrayed superbly in the Tylorstown away game Everyone remembers Tom Harris's try followed by Scott's game winning conversion. However, it was Scott's raking 60m touch finder from the penalty which showed real courage and got us in to the position to score. His downfall however is he loves himself and if he was made of toffee, he would eat himself! This is only partially his fault, as his father and mentor is equally vane. Never trust a man who smells that good, even in training.

Suffice to say i have been made very welcome since my arrival and even the " grumpy old men" in the bar have been positive. I have never seen so many Stadler and Waldoff impressions in one place.

One complaint from me is about the bar staff. The waitress service is so slow, i now don't even bother waiting for them. I go to the bar and get it myself. Also when i complained about the shoddy service, i received a barrage of abuse, including some unsavoury swear words, plus some words i had never heard before!

On a serious note, we have looking to strengthen the squad but overall i am happy with the players who are in the squad and we have to be careful to make sure the players buy in to the ethos and values of what has been developed so far. Llanharan is a Community Club and as such exists to service the local community.

Two more groups of people to thank-

The Committee for allowing me to do my job and trusting my judgement.

Lastly, the players for believing in what we are trying to achieve and working hard to make yours and their club something to be proud of.


Gareth Nicholas (Coach)

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