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Message from WRU President

As President of the Welsh Rugby Union I wanted to get in touch with you all, if I may, to express my admiration at the way you have all responded to the very difficult time we are all experiencing during this unique and frightening period in our modern history. I hope you are keeping healthy and safe in every way. Let us hope that it will soon be over and we can play again. Fel Llywydd Undeb Rygbi Cymru fe hoffen anfon gair i chi, ein clybiau, yn ystod yr amser unigryw a diflas sydd heb ei ail yn ein hanes fodern. Gobeithio eich bod yn cadw’n iachus ac yn ddiogel gan obeithio fydd y trafferth a’r gwenwyn drosodd cyn bo hir. Mae ‘na eiriau sydd yn addas ac yn adnabyddus i ni gyd. There is a refrain that is familiar to us in Welsh rugby. ‘The club is the hub’. This has been a catchword in our rugby for quite a few years and this belief, almost a faith, lies at the heart of the game and gives an idea of what, in essence, rugby means to us in Wales. A Welsh rugby club is an important focus in all our towns and villages for what is a great competitive sport providing weekly competition. It has also proved to be a focal point for social get-togethers, for celebrations of all sorts and what we must never forget, it is a source where friends, players and non-players alike can have some fun and laughter together. It can give a sense of belonging and provide an identity, a sense of togetherness in all our communities, in our villages, town and cities. And for us as a people, as a nation. Y mae clybiau rygbi yn ganolbwynt hanfodol bwysig yn ein trefydd,phentrefi a dinasoedd led led Cymru, dim dim ond fel gem gystadleuol bwysig ond hefyd mae’r clwb yn le i gael pobol i ddod at ei gilydd fel cymuned cymdeithasol, i thathlu cyfeillgarwch ac i gael pobol i fwynhau cwmni ei gilydd. Yn wir gymuned. At no time do I think, that this theme has proved so relevant and so true. This is an extraordinary time, unique in modern times. I know how badly some clubs have been affected, previously by flooding during the winter and now followed by this awful Covid19 virus. It is truly devastating. You, our rugby clubs, are going through difficult times as the season has come to a halt with all the problems that arise from this, but nonetheless you are, if I may say so, showing terrific patience and resilience, of pulling together, and to go beyond the clubhouse to help each other and those in your communities who are in need of companionship and to help with deliveries of essential supplies and some wonderful fund raising activities. The club, indeed, is proving to be the hub; of a strong community spirit. We should be proud of our clubs and the wonderful contributions you are all making to our national well-being. Mae’r clwb a’r aelodau, y chwaraewyr a’r cefnogwyr, teuluoedd a ffrindiau, yn ymestyn at y tu allan ac yn helpu mewn sawl ffordd i esmwyddio a lleihau yr ansicrwydd a’r poen. There are examples from players, supporters, families and friends who have come together in support of everyone on the front line to help lives who are at risk from the effects of the pandemic as well as to the community at large, to give hope and a heart-felt support to those who are vulnerable and elderly and who are thought to be at risk. You have conducted activities to raise funds for the NHS, the care workers and all others who are in the front line to combat this terrible illness, which has shown to be fatal in vast numbers. You have gone beyond the playing fields and embraced the community at large. These are tough times but we must be optimistic and wish that once this is over we shall return to better times, to face the challenges, turn them in our favour with confidence and to leave any disappointments or grievances, if there are any, behind. Perhaps, after the current grim time, to have ­­a revived sense of purpose, to pull together. There is much to look forward to no more so than among our young people who I know from my grandchildren who yearn for the clubs to be back in action again. Whilst we understand the desire to return to play, to be active and to enjoy each other’s company once more, it must be done in good and correct time. We need to be patient. This is the position that the Board and Council of the Welsh rugby union stand by. The Welsh Rugby Union is ensuring that you are informed of all the details that are available and to keep you all up to date and to be as supportive as possible during this time. Y mae’r Undeb yn ymdrechu i fod more agored a thryloyw ac am wneud siwr bob amser eich bod yn derbyn pob gwybodaeth sydd ar gael. As your President I want to reassure you all that you have my total support and I will do all I can to help all clubs across Wales, to revive and to rebuild. It will be a privilege to do all I can in whatever way is possible. Can I thank you all most sincerely for your tireless work and dedication as volunteers for the good of Welsh rugby. Diolch o galon. Cadwch yn iach. Keep healthy and safe. Gerald Davies. WRU President


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