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WRU Status Update

Community game planning: Around 82% of clubs have already nominated a Club Operations Manager, who will help manage all protocols for returning to play locally as advice from Welsh Government and the Public Health Board evolves, and we are grateful for the swift response in each case. Clubs who have not yet made the required appointment should contact Jeremy Rogers, WRU Policy and Integrity Manager, at jrogers@wru.wales as soon as possible. The first webinar open to all member clubs, to explain the Club Operations Manager role and talk through plans to return to train and play was hosted by the WRU Return to Rugby Working Group on Monday night, with nearly 300 individuals tuning in, including Club Operations Managers representing their clubs and a host of other stakeholders. As stated in this webinar, it is now clear that the community season won’t start in September, but all options remain in consideration, whether that is October, December or January starts for the game. We also know the season will look different when it returns and that there will be an emphasis on returning safely and staying local when fixtures are drawn up. We will continue to work very closely with the Welsh Government and other sports governing bodies and will update clubs each time the Welsh Government issues a new three-week plan to describe how this affects rugby in Wales. A key ambition for the community game in Wales is that we want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem in spreading the disease and will therefore not do anything to compromise public health. There are four clear caveats to the resumption of rugby in Wales: – Public Health and Government authorities allow a return – Public health services aren’t compromised – Clubs have time to educate & prepare facilities – Players have an appropriate re-conditioning period – Contact tracing Contact tracing will be key – it will be vital to complete an online World Rugby module before returning to play AND symptom checks will need to be completed even before leaving the house to train on EACH occasion. It is also clear that, after the longest time away from rugby in their lives, for many players there will need to be a period of conditioning before resumption and the WRU’s strength and conditioning leads will supply training plans for the community game at the appropriate time. There will be other measures and we will help clubs to be prepared in each eventuality, such as if elements of rugby allowed before club houses are allowed to open. We will run through every step of the facilities process and we are also working closely with our insurers so that when rugby does resume, clubs have full cover. Detailed Community Return to Rugby Guidelines will be issued in the coming weeks as advice changes, but please continue to follow Welsh Government guidelines closely in all instances.

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