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Girls Rugby @Llanharan RFC

All you girls out there who have always wanted to play rugby but never had the platform to try it, now is your chance to give it a go. Amy Lynn has been a driving force for girls rugby for 7 years, here's her run down on how it is developing:

How did girls rugby at Llanharan RFC get started?

Our first training session took place on the 21st of January 2022 on the Dairy. Flumpy and Ian Talbot, and volunteers helped set up fitness drills and skill sessions.

Our coaches have now grown to a team of 4.

Flumpy, head coach for U12’s, junior apprentice coach and physio for the 2nds at Llanharan RFC.

Ian Talbot, Coach and referee and has a son that plays for the U12’s at the club

Sara Prosser, currently plays for The Falcons womens rugby team and is also a former Welsh Rugby League player.

Rory Lynn, is a Cardiff Rugby community officer for the WRU.

At the moment we are still developing as a young/ new team and it is our first season. Lots of players on the team have never played rugby before.

We have managed to create an Under 16’s team at The club, with school year’s 10 and year 11 and new members joining all the time.

We currently train on a Thursday at Y Pant 6-7pm due to winter training and our games are mostly played at Llanharan RFC.

My role is the team manager and medic. I have been a team manager for mixed teams at the club for over 5 years.

My daughter Chunk ( Olivia Lynn ) also plays for the team. She’s played for Llanharan since 2015. Setting this team up at Llanharan RFC has enabled me to keep my daughter and other players at Llanharan RFC.

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