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Throw Back Thursday

Updated: Jun 29

This photo was taken in 1972, some of the players are no longer with us. How many of the players in the photo can you name?

Had a request to name the players in our Throw Back photos. The names are usually picked up on FB but not on our Website. So here goes to the best of my Knowledge:

Top left: John Hardman, Ray Baxter, Leighton "Webb" Waters, Brian Harris, Dai John, Robert Cowmeadow, Dai"Bleeper"Thomas.

2nd left: Kelvin Thomas, Hugh Smith, Mike Thomas, Robert"Sassa"Thomas, Cyril Howe, Barry Morris, Barry Pascoe, Eddie Harrison, Ken Smith, RAF player, Doug Hughes, Sid Devonshire.

3rd left: Robert"Willis"Williams, Glyn Stephens, Mike Russell, Robert"Willy"Williams, Gwyn Hughes.

4th left: Wayne Evans, RAF Player, Alan Jervis, Colin Coles, Alan Jenkins, Chris Pearce.

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